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The time has come: what a wonderful platform God has prepared for us: can't wait to start - Thrilled to finally meet my dream artist, I'm so greatful Mum Sinach for this privilege. A moment etched in my journey! Gratitude overwhelms me as you graciously mentor me. Anticipating invaluable guidance, and growth under their mentorship. Ready to soak in the wisdom and translate it into melodies... - posted 4 months ago on Jan 27, 2024 - 1 views
by NELLY Saah NELLY Saah
Dream coming to reality - Oh hallelujah. It's such a privilege to finally come under the mentorship of the world's greatest worshiper. I love and celebrate you now and always mummy Sinach. This is a dream come true for me. All what God showed me will certainly come to pass. Never knew it could even be possible to ever meet y... - posted 1 year ago on Jan 6, 2023 - 5 views
by Lois Meshi Lois Meshi
It is such a priviledge! - Ma, i am so grateful to be part of this group. I have always looked forward to training platforms like this. It is indeed a priviledge to interact and learn from a world class singer like you Ma and every other singer. I will be foolish to take this for granted Ma. Thank you so very much ma...for he... - posted 1 year ago on Oct 11, 2022 - 0 views
by KIndness Moye KIndness Moye
I AM GREATFUL - I am excited to be part of this family surely my dream of becoming a gospel singer as come through.Learning from the leaders is the biggest dream ever come through - posted 2 years ago on May 25, 2022 - 1 views
by Ugochukwu Joseph Ugochukwu Joseph